Isle of Mull


Buy "Isle of Mull" print by John Lowrie Morrison OBE, also known as Jolomo. Size medium is Open Edition giclée print, print on demand. Sizes large and small as lithograph prints. Available in 4 sizes.

John Lowrie Morrison
Open Editon Giclée
Open Editon Lithograph

Large print JMP022

Image size - 600 x 600 mm

Print Size - 660 x 685 mm

Medium print JMP088

Image size - 400 x 400 mm

Print Size - 460 x 485 mm

Small plus print JMP149

Image size - 250 x 250 mm

Print Size - 305 x 310 mm

Small print JMP023

Image size - 200 x 200 mm

Print Size - 225 x 245 mm

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